People in need, research

Rachel Graves

2013-05-01 00:00:00 +0000

Over the next few days I am going to be launching a personal research project from which I hope to prototype a product that will help people in need.

In August 2012 I had a cardiac arrest whilst cycling home from work. I woke up in hospital several days later. Thanks to the help of passers by, the ambulance and the hospital I am alive today. However, we discovered that I have a chronic health condition with my heart and the same thing could happen to me again. Thankfully I have been fitted with an implanted cardiac defibrillator, so the worst that is likely to happen to me is that I will be rendered unconscious.

When the police were trying to contact my family, they did not know who I was. I had my staff badge that had my name on it, and a debit card, but nothing with my address. Because this happened on a Friday, work was closed until Monday so no one could contact them. My phone was locked so no one could contact someone from that.

Thankfully the police got my address by contacting the cycle club I am a member of (I was wearing their branded kit). As a result, I woke up to friendly faces. My friends had left familiar things in my room. For me personally, this was a tremendous boost to my mental health. I was also furnished with my own clothing and entertainment. My flatmate informed the hospital of my medical history and which medications I take.

I have been thinking about people who wake up in hospital with none of these things to help them through a traumatic time. I want to try to stop this happening and have a product in mind for smartphones and tablets.

My plan is to collate my assumptions, then release some surveys to test my assumptions. If my hypothesis are confirmed then I will start working on a prototype.

If this research interests you, I can be contacted on twitter or email.