Rachel Graves

Catford, London. 07478 727874 rachel@didlix.net

I recently graduated from a specialty barista traineeship and passed the barista skills foundation course with the Specialty Coffee Association. I am looking for work at a specialty coffee shop who have high standards and a social conscience. I am friendly and polite, an excellent communicator, have great customer service skills and pride myself in being an ambassador of the coffee industry. I am hard-working, organised, efficient and maintain good standards of cleanliness. My ambitions are to improve my skills & progress my career by working towards being a head barista, and representing my employer in competitions.



  • Prep for service each morning by dialing-in to taste, ensuring everything needed for service is available and making sure that the space is organised for an efficient service.
  • Make the menu to order, pass each order to the waiting staff.
  • Ensure quality control and efficiency are maintained throughout the day by tasting the coffee, cleaning the machine and adjusting the dial-in as necessary; ensuring the cups, saucers, spoons, milk and coffee beans are stocked and organised.
  • Perform barback duties as needed (no dedicated barback position), clear tables, keep the coffee station clean and safe.
  • Welcome & seat customers, take orders, deliver coffees and food from the restaurant, take payments, cleardown, clean & prep tables for the next customer.
July 2018 - September 2018

Studio Assistant

Dragonfly Yoga
  • Welcome customers to the studio, sign them in to classes, assist with any queries, take payments, make and cancel reservations on their behalf.
  • Open and close the studio, prepare the space for each class by organising props, placing yoga mats, and ensuring the studio looks and smells pleasant.
  • Keep the studio neat and tidy, set-up aroma oil diffusers, lighting and incense to provide a relaxing environment for customers.
  • Assist each yoga instructor with any studio related problems.
April 2018 - Present

Prior Experience

Software Engineer / Network Engineer / Consultant

Multiple Places

From 2002 to 2015 I worked as a software engineer, systems administrator and as a self-employed consultant for a variety of companies and industries, including Comic Relief and the Money Advice Service. For a detailed list of my prior experience you can visit my LinkedIn profile.

Relevant experience from these positions include:

  • Provided face to face and telephone customer service and technical support to internal and external staff, customers and clients.
  • Coached junior members of staff to be better programmers.
  • Consulted on marketing and social media, and marketed my own business and services.
  • Did the bookkeeping for my business.
  • Shared and gained knowledge at networking events, conferences, and meetups.
2002 - 2015


Well Grounded

Specialty Barista Traineeship

Eight week course covered barista skills foundation content, sensory development, brewing techniques, basics of roasting theory, latte art development, interpersonal skills such as resilience, teamwork, collaboration, self awareness and collaboration.

July 2018 - August 2018

Specialty Coffee Association

Barista Skills Foundation

Course covered the following: technical skills around brewing coffee and steaming milk; theory relating to coffee menus, extraction and coffee origin; workspace management, hygiene & safety, cleaning and maintenance.

July 2018 - August 2018

Additional Skills

As my previous employment history has largely been working with technology, I have extensive computer skills and am proficient with both Windows and Macintosh computers and their software.

  • Computer skills including Microsoft Office, Apple Pages/Numbers, Quickbooks, Freeagent.
  • Marketing on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). Good understanding of social media marketing concepts and application.
  • Live-streaming, I have a good understanding of live-broadcasting services.


In my free time I practice yoga at a studio in Brockley and am also a volunteer at the studio. I enjoy cooking vegan meals – especially asian cuisine, reading science fiction novels, and eating out at cafes and restaurants with friends. I organise meetups on facebook groups as a way meet new people. I also enjoy video games and have occasionally live-streamed them on twitch.tv. In the past I was a key activist with Greenpeace whom I helped organise a fundraiser for and lead volunteers on a number of non-violent direct actions.