Can you rehome my cats?

Rachel Graves

2016-06-30 13:00:00 +0000

I am in the unfortunate position of being unable to continue looking after my beloved cats. I had a cardiac arrest four years ago and am still struggling with related issues. Because I have had to go on benefits I am now living well beyond my means and am facing eviction from my home. I hope that the council will provide me with temporary accommodation until I can get back on my feet. Yet such housing may not be suitable for cats. I may get moved often and won’t know the suitability of each place for my feline friends.

Despite how much I love my cats, I have to accept that I can no longer care for them. So I am looking for foster parents who can care for 1-2 cats for at least six months to a year. I am willing to consider permanent rehoming as I do not know how long my circumstances will last.

I have three cats, Pip, Lady and Dizzy. Pip & Dizzy are thick as thieves and I hope to keep them together. Lady is a bit more independent and I think she would do well living in a home with no other cats.



2 year old tabby needs loving home.

Lady is a wonderful friend, rather timid and is super chatty. Her favourite pastimes are catching bugs, lazing around and having cuddles with her human. She also likes a good conversation.

Lady can be a bit nervous and her instinct is to run when there is hustle and bustle around her. It’s not a problem as long as her human uses empathy when dealing with her. She needs someone who will be mindful when walking past her, moving big things and hoovering.

Lady has gotten herself lost a couple of times so may be better suited as an indoor cat. Additionally, other cats have taken advantage of her kind nature so she might be better off as a solo cat.

I trust the right human to use good judgement.

Dizzy & Pip

Pip Dizzy

Dizzy is my oldest cat, around 16 years old. She is affectionate and will rub her face on yours, purr and drool. She always comes for a cuddle after feeding. As she’s a veteran she has a few issues. Dizzy is blind in one eye and has few teeth. Her eye doesn’t bother her and only affects how adventurous she is jumping and climbing. She is fine eating both wet and dry food and her favourite food is Lily’s organic meals.

Pip has a somewhat more complex personality. She is strong, inquisitive and independent, yet affectionate. Of all my cats she is by far the most interesting to figure out. Oh, and she pays her rent by catching mice.

These two are best friends and often cuddle, sleep together and clean each other. I would prefer to home them together if possible.

Please Email me if you can help.